Buyer's Guide to Superior Antivirus

Businesses are facing new malware threats and traditional antivirus providers can't keep up for two reasons:

  • Hackers evolve their techniques quickly and constantly.
  • The digital ecosystem is expanding faster than ever before.

Cybercriminals are smart. According to Forbes, they are smart enough to penetrate 93% of company networks. They are using new kinds of malware that can stop your business cold.

Fileless Malware

Lately, hackers are deploying new forms of malware at a faster rate than they ever have before. In the past, most malware came in a distinct executable file.

But "file-less" malware increased by about 900% over the last two years. "File-less malware is hidden within documents, images, or other files that look safe.

Expanding Attack Vectors

To add fuel to the fire, malware is even more dangerous because there are more devices and endpoints at the office, at home, and on public Wi-Fi.

When you purchase an antivirus solution, you need absolute certainty it will work, or you're wasting money and exposing your business to harm.

DatCom's patent-pending antivirus is a top-shelf solution that won't break the bank and won't slow down your business with needless interruptions.

We call it DatCom Guardian Antivirus because none of our clients have ever been infected.

Comparing Products - The Clear Winner

Why is DatCom's Guardian antivirus superior?

Because traditional antivirus software can’t do what DatCom’s antivirus does: 

True Protection:

Traditional antivirus only identifies known malware signatures. If it doesn't know about it, it can't protect.

Since hackers constantly evolve their techniques, they will eventually hack your business and your antivirus can't protect you. And even if it detects 99% of known viruses, it doesn't mean your computers are protected because it only takes one infection and your network is infected.

DatCom's antivirus goes beyond detection to 100% prevention and protection.

Efficient Protection: 

Traditional antivirus is often bothersome. It slows your computers and interrupts the workflow of your employees. It all adds up to a loss of productivity and revenue.

DatCom's antivirus proactively protects against known and unknown viruses without slowing your employees down.

Free Movement for Safe Activity

Your employees should be able to work freely and unencumbered by technology.

DatCom's antivirus works in the background to make sure all activity on your computers is safe, even if something changes, meaning you can continue work as usual.

How it works

DatCom's Guardian antivirus is superior because it uses a proactive and unique approach to antivirus detection and prevention.

  • Detection and Protection for known threats.
  • Virtualization - a safe environment for unknown activity.
  • Expert knowledge to analyze activities.

Detection, Protection, and Prevention

DatCom's Guardian antivirus protects against known and unknown threats, instantly.

Known good - We allow it to proceed, unhindered.

Known bad - We stop it instantly.

Unknown  - We virtualize.

Virtualization: When any unknown element enters your computer, DatCom places it in a secure virtual environment where it's analyzed. If it's malware, it will do what hackers programmed it to do, but in a totally isolated virtual environment, away from your precious data.

Your staff continues working as usual while our experts examine the unknown element.  

We remove the virus from the infected file and extract the file safely to your computer so you don't lose your data.

Even if cyber criminals attack you with brand-new ransomware, DatCom's virtualization will not let it infect your network.

Layered Protection

Every business needs a firewall as a first line of protection. However, if a virus can pass your firewall, every computer on your network could be compromised in seconds. That's why DatCom Guardian provides additional layers of protection.

Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS): DatCom's antivirus protects and isolates every machine on your network, preventing the spread of malware to other devices and into backup media. HIPS greatly reduces the impact of infection on your productivity and repair costs. 

Auto-analysis: DatCom's Guardian antivirus uses heuristic analysis. Driven by smart rules to prevent hindrance, the system works efficiently to keep your business operating smoothly.

Security Engineer Support: Top IT security engineers are hard to come by these days. But DatCom has a network of experts standing by to analyze unknown and potentially harmful activities. 

Your business retains the services of highly skilled security professionals for no additional cost.

DatCom's Unique Financial Guarantee 

A true protector of your assets will go further to protect you, even if it means coming under fire.

$750 for any Computer infected with a virus on our watch.

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